Silicon Valley education problem

Brown Girls

Let me get on my high-horse for a better vantage point. OK this just sucks. In the middle of Silicon Valley we are being left behind We have a region-wide problem: Low percentages of college readiness for Latino, African-American, and Pacific Islander students across districts in San Mateo and Santa Clara counties. Individual schools buck the trends,...+

Machete Kills

As I mentioned before I am a big fan of Robert Rodriguez. Not just his films, but more importantly his business sense and his bigger vision. Machete was a fun Latino action romp. I have been looking forward to the sequel, finally today the trailer was released. First big surprise, it is all in Spanish, though...+

Support Esta Noche!

I love Esta Noche! It is the San Francisco gay institution for all. Great drag queens, fantastic music, and a wonderful community vibe. Now it might just close. The bar on 16th Street is seeking to renew several permits, such as its entertainment and service permits, which can each cost up to $750 but used to...+

Robert Rodriguez, Jennifer Lopez is coming after you!

I just finished writing Robert Rodriguez I am disappointed when I saw that Jennifer Lopez was appointed chief creative officer of NUVOtv. The versatile J-Lo was announced last fall as a creative partner with the English-language Latino network, but her role was solidified Wednesday as NUVOtv held its upfront for advertisers and prepared for a re-launch of...+