Free Education?

Science Girl

A day does not go by when I hear about a new educational platform. Apps, videos, unique platforms, Facebook additions you name it you can find it. They are available at every level from pre-school to college. Their courses vary as well, one thing that does not vary is the lack of diversity. Sigh not that again! Yes...+

Silicon Valley education problem

Brown Girls

Let me get on my high-horse for a better vantage point. OK this just sucks. In the middle of Silicon Valley we are being left behind We have a region-wide problem: Low percentages of college readiness for Latino, African-American, and Pacific Islander students across districts in San Mateo and Santa Clara counties. Individual schools buck the trends,...+

College graduation matters

We are at interesting time in this country. Which is my way of saying China is eating us for lunch. Education is one of the few ways we can try to steer our economy around. As the fastest growing part of the population, our success is the United States success. This is good news: Seven...+