Supreme Court Roundup


Well, the session is over and all the rulings are in.  Some were heartbreaking, some expected, and much of it, particularly the decimation of the Voting Rights Act, was simply crazy-making. If you are really wonky, visit the Supreme Court website to read the rulings directly.  Recent rulings in the right-hand column. Today’s DOMA and...+

Arizona Voter ID Law Struck Down


It’s Supreme Court decision season and today’s ruling struck down a Voter ID Law in Arizona that would have required proof of citizenship during registration.  Here’s Slate’s Emily Bazelon telling you why this is important: Alabama, Georgia and Kansas have laws just like Arizona’s. So those state laws also get thrown onto the garbage heap....+



I am at a loss today.  It has been six months today that my 14 year old goddaughter was taken from us by cancer.  To say that I have been distracted would be a gross understatement.  My body has been running ragged, it seemed to be aware of this milestone before I was.  There is...+

Crush of the Week

Photo by Cass Bird for ESPN

This week, I’m crushing on Brittney Griner.  The Baylor superstar is redefining women’s basketball in every way. Not only is BG pure power on the court, but this great piece from ESPN‘s Kate Fagan highlights the power of her truth: …she gets a far greater thrill from being exactly the person she wants to be...+

Always In Service

Coming Home from Korea

Beyond the barbecues and the day off, today we remember the service that has been given to us by so many.  My mom will take my dad out to lunch some time this week – they won’t do it today because why would you fight the crowds or pay extra. My family has always been...+