Immigrant angst


Immigration is painful. It hurts to leave everything you know. Language, food, climate, culture and professions are all left behind. New possibilities are ahead but so is failure. Immigration is full of angst. During this whole political grind we are currently going through we need to remember the personal cost to us all. So when...+

I Love Our Constitution


I am a first generation American. I love our constitution, bill of rights and pledge of the allegiance. It is the fabric that keeps us all together on the same page building this great nation. It is our common understanding regardless of where we live in our fifty states. It was well thought out and has lasted us until the twenty...+

Free Education?

Science Girl

A day does not go by when I hear about a new educational platform. Apps, videos, unique platforms, Facebook additions you name it you can find it. They are available at every level from pre-school to college. Their courses vary as well, one thing that does not vary is the lack of diversity. Sigh not that again! Yes...+