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Another brave young soul was lost.  Talia Joy – how appropriate her name – finally succumbed to the two deadly cancers she had been battling for six years.  I have learned to hate the terminology of cancer – we fight “battles” with cancer.  A battle implies winners and losers.  A battle implies that the fight might be fair.  A battle is something that can be “won” if you are smarter, stronger, faster, better.

But cancer doesn’t work like that.  No matter how strong, brave, valiant, beautiful, or brilliant you are, you can be taken away.  The control of this disease is not yours – not anyones.  We use the art and science of medicine to keep violent, virulent cells at bay.  And we learn what matters, we see the glory of human ability and the naked vulnerability of or bodies and emotions.

Talia Joy did what children do – she lived.  Every moment.  She shone.  Every where she went.  She spread her light for all to see, and in our age of social media she was able to touch many.  But even is she hadn’t had You Tube or Ellen, even if Cover Girl had never seen her beautiful face – her light would have been as bright and that light would have touched everyone who was privileged to see it.

Rest in peace, Talia.  Suffer no more.  And hug my Ari when you see her.

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    June 10, 2013

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Heidi Hernandez Gatty is the Principal at Small Brown Girl Consulting where her practice focuses on issues of Art & Social Justice, Economic Justice, and Democratic Participation. Through her practice, she helps individuals and communities manifest their visions into tangible realities.

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