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Well, the session is over and all the rulings are in.  Some were heartbreaking, some expected, and much of it, particularly the decimation of the Voting Rights Act, was simply crazy-making.

If you are really wonky, visit the Supreme Court website to read the rulings directly.  Recent rulings in the right-hand column.

Today’s DOMA and Prop 8 cases are being covered now.  The short is that DOMA is unconstitutional and there was no standing, that is the plaintiffs had no right to appeal the case, so gay marriage is legal (again) in California.

Slate has a Supreme Court Breakfast Table, an ongoing conversation between lawyers and journalists who discuss and debate the rulings as they come out.

There is really just too much here to dig into.  We posted last week about Arizona’s Voter ID law.  And if you’re following us on Facebook, then you saw a piece on the erosion of the 5th Amendment right to remain silent.

What struck you this session?  Anything?  Do you follow the Supreme Court?  We’d love to know!

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