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I love me some Sergio Romo, the Giant’s closer.  Not only did he wear this AMAZING t-shirt to the World Series Championship Parade:

Image via NBCLatino

Image via NBCLatino

But he’s one of the most stand-up guys in baseball I’ve ever seen.  In March, he spoke with Yahoo Sports when he played ball for the Mexican National Team in Arizona.

“I’ve been pulled over numerous times, driving a nice car,” said Sergio Romo, the closer for the San Francisco Giants as well as the Mexican WBC outfit. “The first question is: What’s your citizenship? The second question: Is this your car? And then: What do you do for a living? And it’s like, ‘Bro, you’re Mexican just like me.’ ‘Ah, but I was born here.’ And I say, ‘So was I.’ “

And now this:


It’s hard to decide what my favorite part is here.  A young, engaged sports star standing up for what he thinks is right.  The fact that he’s willing to speak openly about the need for immigration reform.  Or the fact that this video is on the MLB channel.  Maybe baseball IS the great american sport, after all.

Huffington Post: Sergio Romo Immigration Video Shows Giant’s Star Pitching Reform

YahooSports: Team Mexico, Including Giants Star Sergio Romo, feels hostility over Arizona’s Immigration Battle



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