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My Crush of the Week: Dash Harris

Sometimes you can find love on Youtube! Dash Harris is my YouTube crush. Whenever her channel has a new video I need to watch it de una. She has documented the specific Latino racist beliefs in a way I have never seen before in any media.

She has take on a complicated task of asking Latinos about our African roots. This is not an easy dialogue to engage in. She has dealt Her videos are not afraid to confront colorism, class, and country specific racism. At every turn she shows how difficult it is to engage in this conversation, and how painful and destructive racism is. As well as how some concepts are the same regardless of the country of origin.

Some of them are as simple as this:

  • Pelo Malo- Bad Hair
  • Pero es un negro bueno- He is the exceptional black man
  • Soy negra y fea- I am black and that means I am ugly
  • Mejorar la raza- We must better the race

Check out this powerful and engaging video that brings up all of these destructive concepts:

About The Author

Deldelp Medina is the founder and CEO of MyPio Corp. a mobile to web SaaS application for Childcare workers and the families they serve. She has spent over 10 years working with the Latino community in the tech, arts, humanities, non-profit, and social justice fields. Asking big questions is a passion; she is now driven to bring that passion to a larger audience.

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