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I am at a loss today.  It has been six months today that my 14 year old goddaughter was taken from us by cancer.  To say that I have been distracted would be a gross understatement.  My body has been running ragged, it seemed to be aware of this milestone before I was.  There is a reason we Catholics mark months one and six; and then every year after a person dies.  It is like the codification of what the body and spirit intuitively know.

We have lost so much with this child’s death.  Our family has lost a a spirit of light.  The world has lost that dynamic young spirit and lost the possibility that beat inside her lion’s heart.  My daughter has lost her innocence – she knows death now, and that our time is finite.  My husband and I have lost the sense that we can protect our children from all the world’s dangers, we know now that there are things well beyond our control.

A friend who suffered the violent and sudden loss of her husband shared this Washington Post article: After Newton shooting, parents enter into the lonely quiet.  It is a well-written and accurate depiction of grief.  Newtown happened just four days after my goddaughter’s death.  I remember scrolling through my Facebook feed and trying to understand what was unfolding in Connecticut.  I glanced at a news report and promptly shut down my phone.  I could not take in a national tragedy when faced with my own very personal one.

I am thinking of those parents today.  Their children are the same age as my eldest.  I wonder how they are putting one foot in front of the other this week.  I remember wanting to crawl into the earth and wishing it would swallow me up.  I remember the agony of maintaining my children’s routines.  To be a godparent, a comadre, is to willingly accept responsibility for a child.  She was not mine, but she was so much a part of my world.  I hovered over her from the time she was born and celebrated her achievements and milestones. I helped clean her body when the end had come.  And today, for a while, my family and I will join the Newton parents in that lonely quiet with prayers for us all.


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Heidi Hernandez Gatty is the Principal at Small Brown Girl Consulting where her practice focuses on issues of Art & Social Justice, Economic Justice, and Democratic Participation. Through her practice, she helps individuals and communities manifest their visions into tangible realities.

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