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Latinos are donors too!

University of Southern California

Stereotype: Mexican Moochers!

Reality: We are donors!

An anonymous donor has pledged $1 million to the USC School of Social Work to establish the Cleofas and Victor Ramirez Professor of Practice, Policy, Research and Advocacy for the Latino Population.

Yes one million. Not one dollar.

Stereotype: We are not educated

Reality: Education is highly valued in our cultures

The endowment was made in honor of the donor’s parents, a homemaker and field worker who did not have formal educations. However, they strongly believed in the value of education and served as the driving force behind the donor’s success in receiving a Master of Social Work at USC.


Social Work schools are not always the top places to get big donations. Yet I have to agree with the donor as to why this area of study not only will benefit with the donation but our community at large.

“Education gifts like this provide Latinos with a way to find the voice to be heard,” the donor said. “If we can make a difference in the lives of individual Latinos, then collectively the total community benefits.”

Bravo to the anonymous donor and kudos to USC School of Social Work for their amazing work.

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Deldelp Medina is the founder and CEO of MyPio Corp. a mobile to web SaaS application for Childcare workers and the families they serve. She has spent over 10 years working with the Latino community in the tech, arts, humanities, non-profit, and social justice fields. Asking big questions is a passion; she is now driven to bring that passion to a larger audience.

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