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Maybe the difference is the weapon used, but sometimes it feels like the difference is the zip code.

A New Orleans “second line” Mother’s Day Parade fell victim to gun violence and 19 people, including two 10 year olds were injured.  Thankfully, no one was killed.  Mayor Mitch Landrieu condemned the violence and asked for the community to help in identifying the perpetrators.

“Unfortunately … the specialness of the day doesn’t seem to interrupt the relentless drumbeat of violence that I’ve talked about so much on the streets of New Orleans,” he said. “It’s a shame and its got to stop.”

Landrieu said the community needs to come together and take a strong stand against violence.

A colleague who flew out of New Orleans just 30 minutes before the shooting occurred asked me what is wrong with our country?  She wondered to me why NOLA hadn’t shut down the way Boston did and could only come up with race as an answer.  I only learned about the shooting from her Facebook feed and had to go digging around to find the details.  There was no “breaking news” from the Huffington Post.  No coverage on Fox News Latino.

An FBI spokesperson declared, “It’s strictly an act of street violence in New Orleans”.

There is just something small and sad and everyday in that phrase.  Just another day when black and brown people are shooting at eachother.  Nothing to report here.


The Times-Picayune: After Tragic Mother’s Day Mass Shooting, Mayor Urges Community to Rally Against Violence

NBC News: At Least 19 Injured in New Orleans Mother’s Day Shooting

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