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My Addendum to The Latino of Silicon Valley

 Photo Credit: @NorCal_630

I was so glad that Giovanni Rodriguez wrote The Latino of Silicon Valley. I have been lucky enough to be speaking publicly about this phenomenon as member of this movement in the last couple of months.

So here are mis dos centavos:

I was a dot-commer back in the day. I also was tired of not being mentored, considered, and being the professional lunch order queen. (Did I go to College to get sauce on the side? Nooo!) Not once during that time did I think I could be a founder. Or have the opportunity to create my own company. There was no one that looked like me. I self-excluded.

Now many years later I realize that was a mistake. A mistake I am correcting today. My tech skills might be rusty but my critical thinking skills are not. As a result I am learning Ruby/Rails, to code my own app.

Why you might ask is this important to Latinas? Because we have to close a growing digital divide, ahora! We consume more content, use our phones more often than other groups in this country, yet we only create a sliver of it all. We are loosing the opportunity to grow our financial bottom line and create products and services that are culturally competent. We need to be full participants in this tech revolution not just passive consumers.





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Deldelp Medina is the founder and CEO of MyPio Corp. a mobile to web SaaS application for Childcare workers and the families they serve. She has spent over 10 years working with the Latino community in the tech, arts, humanities, non-profit, and social justice fields. Asking big questions is a passion; she is now driven to bring that passion to a larger audience.

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